July 26th, 10 PM

Zen Sushi/ Camp Vamped
2601 Hyperion
Silverlake, California
Cost: $5, More info

The Kids of Widney High are a group of students from Widney High School, a special ed. high school in Los Angeles, who write and perform original songs. The group started in 1988 as a song writing class and changes as the students come and go from Widney. The students perform in the L.A. area with a band consisting of Vince Licassi-guitar, Judy Rudin-harmonica, Tony Bollas-drums, Spero Anthony-bass, and Michael Monagan-guitar.

June 6, 2008

Sony PlayStation presents: The Kids of Widney High on Tour!

Yes, that's right: your favorite indie rock band is about to embark on their first-ever tour up the West Coast.

We will be hitting all the best stops along the way, starting at one of our favorite venues, Mr. T's Bowl in Los Angeles, and heading up, appropriately enough, on July 4th to Santa Barbara where we will be kick-starting the tour.

After Santa Barbara, it's off to San Luis Obispo, Salinas and Monterey, San Francisco and Berkeley, Humboldt County (where Peewee is sure to have a smokin' time), Eugene and Portland, Olympia, and, finally, Seattle!

In addition to playing a very special acoustic set at each venue, we're also showcasing our films, writings, artwork, and wares from the new clothing line.

And, of course, we also plan on having the best time of our lives, making short films and music videos, meeting new people, seeing new places, and spreading the gospel of the Kids to those who have never before had a chance to see us live.

Any press inquiries, please direct to Jessica Kane at Feinstein/McGuiness PR.

We hope to see you there...!

July 3: Mr. T's Bowl, 10pm
5621 N. Figueroa St., Highland Park, CA 90042

July 4: Casa de la Raza, 10am
601 E. Montecito, Santa Barbara, CA

July 5: The Works, 3:30pm
667 Lighthouse Ave, Pacific Grove, CA 93950

July 5: Monterey Live, 7:30pm
414 Alvarado St., Monterey, CA 93940

July 6: Amoeba Music, 2pm
1855 Haight St., San Francisco, CA 94117

July 6: City Lights Bookstore, 5:30pm
261 Columbus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133

July 8: Eureka Library, 6pm
1313 3rd St, Eureka, CA 95501

July 8: Accident Gallery, 8pm
210 C. St., Eureka, CA 95501

July 9: Old Town Coffee and Chocolates 2:30pm
211 F. St., Eureka, CA 95501

July 10: Floating World Comics, 6pm
20 Northwest 5th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209

July 10: Backspace, 8:30pm
115 Northwest 5th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209

July 11: Orca Books, 7pm
509 4th Avenue, Olympia, WA 98501

July 11: Capitol Theater, 8:30pm
206 5th Avenue, Olympia, WA 98501

July 12: Northwest Film Forum, 7pm
1515 12th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122

March 23, 2008

Our friends at Pinpin have made another snowboarding/pinball film featuring our live version of "Throw Away the Trash." You can check it out here.

Some of the Kids are featured artists on a new line of t-shirts from Better Bacon. In stores in April.

Thanks again to our friends at Amoeba Records for another GREAT gig. They are welcoming, graceful, and generous. We love them. Check out some photos here!

November 6, 2007

Kids of Widney High: Live at the Key Club is now available! Head over to the store to purchase the new Kids of Widney High CD for only $12. Live at the Key Club features 15 songs recorded live at the Live Key Club.

Buy It Now!

Don't forget to attend our upcoming CD release party at the Key Club for Tuesday Nov 13th.

October 13, 2007

The 15 songs we recorded from our Live Key Club show and the amazing artwork by Casey Paquet and photos by Erin Williams have been sent to the pressing plant and we should have the CDs in hand on November 1st. Man, we're excited!

We've booked a show at, where else, the Key Club for Tuesday Nov 13th as our official release party. Those of you who live nearby I hope you can make it.

We are getting the word out thanks to Ian Allen and we would appreciate any help you can give us. The CD will be available (as of Nov 1st) on our web site. CD Baby will have it and it usually takes iTunes 6 to 8 weeks to list it.

The songs on the new CD are Let's Get Busy, I Make My Teachers Mad, Doctor Doctor, Respect, ELVIS, Hollywood, Pretty Girls, Every Girl's My Girlfriend, Act Your Age, Goin Home, Insects, Life Without the Cow, Miss Understood, Two Faces on Fidel, and Throw Away the Trash.

September 2007


Where's the one place you can go to see Peewee fire off a shotgun, get pulled around by his ear by Elisa, and get snubbed by Matt Dillon at a ritzy Hollywood movie premiere? Only at the new Kids of Widney High Youtube channel.

There you'll find videos about, starring, and made by your favorite independent rock band. Keep your eye out for some very special guests, and stay tuned to more videos to come (hint: SUBSCRIBE!!). See you there!

(Special thanks to Ryan Anderson for his help in transferring all of our many videos.)

August 2007

The KOWH are hard at work putting together the new “live” CD the we recorded at the Key Club in Hollywood. We're almost finished mixing the 15 songs we performed. Our friend Roberto Bosquez who recorded and is mixing the CD has been working tirelessly to get the job done. And as usual, the brilliant Casey Paquet is working his magic on the graphic design using Erin Williams amazing photographs (some of which are now in the Photo sections). I think that's enough superlatives for the time being. I'd say we're a couple of months from a release date. Stay tuned.

May 2007

Film Threat has a great review of a DVD that our friends Matt and Jessie did. You can read the review here. Here's a tasty nugget: "The result of 'Dinner Time' is genius with the Kids creating their own brand of mayhem. It's basically a collection of different confrontations happening all at once and it's so infectiously entertaining that you'll want to watch it over and over again."

April 2007

Finally, some news! Sorry about the delay.

We've recorded two of our recent gigs at the Key Club and are at work making a new "live" CD. We hope to have something in the next few months. Big thanks to everyone who came to the shows.

A group called Osaka Popstar And the Legends of American Punk covered our song "Insects" and even made a video of it. Osakapopstar.com

Our myspace site continues to add new friends (we're up to 2,300!) many by way of our appearance in The Ringer.

Our participation in the Benefit for Autism (TACA- Talkin About Children with Autism) concert was a blast. And even coming close to sharing the stage with Bob Dylan (he was snowed-in in Denver) was exciting. Renato Giordano, who produced the concert, has become a new friend and it appears we'll be doing another show with him this summer.

I've gotten a number of e-mails from fans around the country ( and Europe and Australia) who wish we would go on tour and visit their towns and cities. We appreciate this support and would love to take the show on the road but due to the fact that there are SO many of us and that some of the Kids are in a fragile state makes this very difficult. It's not just like jumping into a van and sleeping on floors. We would like to thank our fans for these e-mails and invite them to please come see us in LA. Our hope for the new CD is to capture our live show to share with everyone no matter where they are.


Be sure to check us out at one of our upcoming gigs. We'll be playing Friday, September 22nd at the San Gennaro Festival at Hollywood High. Show starts at 10:00AM. On Tuesday, October 17th we'll be returning to The Key Club on The Sunset Strip. Hope to see you at one of the shows!


We've got gigs! Check us out at these upcoming shows:

#1- We're at the Rose Bowl! Saturday April 22nd playing for the Cure Autism Now fundraiser 8AM to 12noon. 9AM show time. Find out more info here or make a donation in our name!

#2- Mr. T's Bowl. Friday May 5th. With 8 Bit. 10:45 Show time. We hope to record this show, so be sure to clap and cheer loudly!. 5621 1/2 Figueroa St. Highland Park, California 90042

#3- The Key Club. Tuesday June 6th. Free! and All Ages. With the Holograms. 9039 Sunset Boulevard West Hollywood, CA 90069

how time 10:00PM.

#4- Tangier Friday July 7th . Show time- 7:45. 2138 Hillhurst Avenue Just south of Los Feliz Blvd.


Well, the Ringer has come and gone and according to one of the producers is the third highest grossing Fox Searchlight movie. The premier of the Ringer on Dec. 14th was wonderful. Sitting with the Kids and the band in a packed theater watching us rock out on the big screen was big fun. And then to play a set of our songs at the reception afterwards
(thanks to Matt Klickstein) was a fitting finale to our Hollywood experience.The DVD is in production and will be out probably in June. A group of us went to see it again a week ago and Shelly waited until his scene was done to get up and go to the bathroom. Thanks Shelly. One effect of the movie is that I get about 5 requests a day to sign up for the KOWH myspace. We thank once again Barry Blaustein and the Farrelly Bros for the opportunity to be in a major motion picture. And thanks to all of you who went to see the movie and sent e-mails.

The songwriting class continues to work and we are finishing up a song called "I Wanna Be A DJ" which I'll post when done. There's another one called "Cool" that's almost done and a brand new one called "Hasta Bajo" all in Spanish!

We talk about all kinds of things in the songwriting class and we started talking about the war in Iraq. We decided that we would be happy to send a free CD to any soldier in the field. If you know a soldier please pass this offer on to them. It's the least we can do.


The Ringer is FINALLY coming out! The release date is December 23rd. There will be a premier on Dec 14th in Hollywood. We are in two scenes (provided there were no last minute cuts!). The first is about 2/3rds of the way through the movie where we are singing "Pretty Girls" at a party. And the second scene is at the end of the movie in the theater where we sing our version of "Respect." I saw a cut of the movie a while ago and can recommendit wholeheartedly. Thanks to Barry Blaustein (director) for everything. "The Ringer" will be at a theatre near you so bring the whole neighborhood!

Photos are also up from the San Gennaro Festival show, check them out here.


Into the Summer with The Kids of Widney High! Check out the interview with Michael and Matty on XMFan.com. Amidst all the juicy dirt is this gem, Matty when asked about Michael: "I think he's a cool teacher, and we love him a lot. He helps us a lot."

You've got lots of chances coming up to catch the Kids live:

Saturday June 11th
Billy O's
2819 E Main St. Ventura
Showtime 9PM
Go to Blackbirdmusic.com and scroll down to Billy O's for directions (map). Spend the day on the unspoiled beaches of Ventura and then come see the show!

Wednesday June 22nd
Amoeba Music
6400 Sunset Blvd/ Hollywood
Showtime 7PM
Free! All Ages!
Go to amoebamusic.com and click on "Free Live Shows." Come browse the aisles of what Rolling Stone calls "the world's best record store" and catch the KOWH in action.

Saturday July 9th
Hansen's Hideaway
1205 North Las Palmas/ Hollywood
Doors at 7 Showtime 8PM
Free! AND free drinks!
This is a Kids event. A special one-time deal where the Kids will play an hour set (no rushing on and off the stage). Come party with the Kids!


We were glad to be back at the refurbished Mr. T's last month. Although the new stage is a little small for us it was great to see some of the familiar Highland Park faces and we started things off with a short film made by Tanesa and Matty In My Room.

The latest on The Ringer is that it will be a summer release. And yes, there is still work being done on the documentary about the Kids. No release date there.

I recently got an e-mail asking about the Kids from the first KOWH recording Special Music from Special Kids.

Carl Brown - ("New York") Lives in a group home in Culver City about 4 blocks from me. I see him at the movies or tooling around the neighborhood in his wheelchair.

Tommy Yates - ("65 Years Old") Died tragically in a house fire.

Norman Williams - ("Throw Away the Trash") moved with no forwarding address

Gerardo Reyes - ("Mayra") Lives in East LA. When I saw him a couple of years after he graduated and asked him if he still listened to the CD he said, "Not on Sundays."

Nancy Preston - ("Widney High School") Moved with no forwarding address.

Keisha Dotson - ("Mirror, Mirror", "Friends") Graduating from Widney, married another Widney grad but then died during a gran mal seizure.

John Insinna - ("Hollywood", "Stand Up and Dance") Lives in East LA and participates in a daily arts program for people with disabilities called EL ARCA. Although his condition has been considered terminal (he has done Make A Wish twice) he has outlived both his mother and father.

Diane Reyes - ("Ride Away", "Teddy Bear", "New York") moved with no forwarding address.

Jerron Crook - ("Insects") Lives not far from Widney but is not in any daily program.

Robert Ross - ("New Car") Lives with his family in South Central, helps his brother with a fledgling recording studio and calls me about every 6 months.

Brenda Garcia - ("Primary Reinforcement") moved with no forwarding address.

Phomma Vannasang - ("Widney High School") moved with no forwarding address.


Yes, it's been too long. We had a flurry of gigs and now nothing. Life. The good news is that we have a new addition to the KOWH film library. Michael Medaglia has written and directed a music video to "Pretty Girls" and you can see it at his web site www.prettypictures.com/films/. It is a total kick and everyone loves it. We want to thank Michael and all the cast and crew who worked SO hard to make the film happen. Michael is now sending the video around to festivals, etc and if you think of a good idea please e-mail him at mm@prettypictures.com.

In other film notes, www.throwawaythetrash.com is close to being a reality and a place where the films of Matt Klickstein and co. will reside. Those will include "Access Denied", "Dinner Time", and a music video to "Valentine's Day" as well as documentaries by the Kids themselves.

It's been reported to me that "The Ringer" will be released next Spring. Sheesh. We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Rad Ramadan, Soulful Solstice, etc, etc..


Added pictures from Track 16 Gallery.

Wow. It's been a long time since I've posted. Sorry about that. The summer wasn't particularly busy, we had a flurry of gigs and then nothing, but we did play the Van's Warped Tour, which is always a kick. This year it was at Cal State Fullerton and as usual there were thousands of people, hundreds of booths and about 20 stages. We happened to be on a stage near a special tent known as the parent day care tent. I peeked in to see about 50 parents watching a big screen TV ( from where I stood I couldn't see what they were watching, Barney maybe?) with very blank and bored looking faces. It was kind of sad, particularly with so much great (or at least interesting) music going on all over the place.

I have much film info to report. First, the release of The Ringer has been postponed until February. While the news was disappointing I was told that with test audiences the movie scored the highest in Fox Searchlight history.

Second, Rana Joy Glickman and Joaquin Avellan are feverishly at work on the documentary about the Kids. Much progress is being made although there is no release date set.

Third, Matt Klickstein and company have just completed their second short movie with the Kids. The first is called “Denied Access” and should be up here on the web site soon. The second is called “Dinner Time” and is a great leap forward in all areas of filmmaking, including the use of a high definition camera. We've seen a cut of it and are all very excited about it's prospects. Click here for photos from the set.

Fourth, Michael Medaglia is shooting a music video to the song “Pretty Girls” next month. I've seen the script and it looks like a lot of fun.

Finally, there is another music video in the works. This time, to the song “Valentine's Day”. The director is Jarrett Schaefer, senior editor of Fade-In magazine and Matt Klickstein is producing.

This is starting to look like an issue of Variety!

We have added photos from the Conga Room. Special thanks to Marty Sweeney for taking some great pictures. Check them out here.

We have added photos from the February 19th show at the Knitting Factory. Check them out here.

Act Your Age is now available at the wonderful CDBaby. Now you've got options: Store, Amazon, or CDBaby.

Lyrics are now up for Act Your Age, click here to read them and be sure to pick the album up in the Store, or at Amazon.

We're back from Austin and it was fantastic. We had two trips, three days the week of Jan 5th and then four days the following week. The first time down we stayed and filmed in the Four Seasons! We were the band in a ballroom scene and performed "Pretty Girls". As you might imagine we rocked the place. Our second trip was to film the final scene of the movie in which we perform our version of "Respect." They had us on a moving platform and we were wheeled out onto the stage with the cast members dancing all around us. What a trip.
The production people, the hotel people, our new Friends at Fox Danielle, Amy, and Tom, the Farrelly Bros. Bobby and Peter, our good friend and director Barry Blaustein, and the people of Austin were all wonderful! We had a great time. And Werner Campbell, a new friend and fan, is trying to get us back for South by Southwest in March. I particularly want to thank our own band and parents, Spero, Tony, Judy, Vince, Frances, and Hector for all the help in making the trip the success that it was.

And now we have some gigs and a CD release party to look forward to! You can also now purchase the CD at Amazon.com.

Happy Holidays to All!

The new CD "Act Your Age" is done!! You can buy it here, now. The official release is February 24th but you can get a jump start on everyone else. It will also be available on Amazon.com and CDBaby but that will take a little while to get going.

We're off to Texas on the 4th to film our scene (singing "Pretty Girls") in the new Farrelly Bros/Fox Searchlight picture "The Ringer".

We're going to Texas!

Barry Blaustein, movie director and fan of the Kids, has gotten "The Ringer" off the ground and into production. The Kids will be traveling to Austin next month to film two scenes in which we will be performing "Pretty Girls" and "Respect". Many thanks to Barry for including us in his film and we can't wait for the trip. The earliest the movie would be in theaters is next summer but that's just a guess. It's produced by the Farrelly Bros. and Fox Searchlight. The Kids of Widney High on the silver screen!

We continue to hunt for a new label. We've found a fantastic publicity outfit called Team Clermont but still need to tie up a label deal to get the ball rolling. Sorry it's taken SO long.

Changes- Kedron Parker our wonderful and loyal bass player of the last 6 years is getting married, starting a family, and moving to New Zealand! We will miss her terribly but wish her the best of luck and hopefully get a chance to visit her and Lorenzo (and little Lorenzo) some day. Kedron will be replaced by a longtime friend of Kedron's (and fan of the Kids) Spero Anthony. He's hard at work getting the songs under his belt and we look forward to our first gig with him.

We've been told that the filming of "The Ringer" a movie that will feature a cameo of the Kids will be filming in October. Fingers crossed. Rana and Ruben at Shakra Films have promised that the documentary will be done by the end of the year and Ruben even has a music video in mind.

The Tom Green Show has asked for a promo package too!

And the winner is...

click to view

Thank you to everyone who helped vote on the new album cover design. Although it was a heated battle, we did have one clear winner. And the winner is... layout #4, which you can see to the left. Now we just have to put the thing together and we should have the album ready very soon. Thanks again, hopefully you'll feel some pride when you get a copy that you helped design!

We have a new KOWH t-shirt! It's in "handicapped" blue (just like the signs). A gigantic thanks to Casey Paquet for help with the design and realization of the new shirt. Visit the store to get yourself one!

Well, well, well, the new CD is done!! Thanks to Nathaniel Kunkel and Wesley Seidman we have 10 songs "Life Without the Cow," "I Make My Teachers Mad," "Hold Me," "Miss Understood," "Act Your Age," "Santa's In a Wheelchair," "E-L-V-I-S," "Valentine's Day," "Goin' Home," and "Two Faces on Fidel." Here are links to a few mp3 clips:

Life Without the Cow (1.53 MB)
I Make My Teachers Mad (1.43 MB)
Valentine's Day (1.90 MB)
Act Your Age (1.69 MB)
E-L-V-I-S (1.04 MB)

You will need to have an mp3 compatible media player installed on your computer to listen to these files. If you have problems playing the mp3s, please visit the Links page to download a media player.

Widney Kodiak t-shirts in stock: Red(black bear/white lettering), White(red bear/black lettering), and Black. If interested go to the Store.

A big thanks to all those fans who have sent wonderful e-mails from around the country and around the world. I read each one of them to the class and then post them on a bulletin board.

Would you like to sign up for our mailing list ? Send a message here.